Auditorium Hall

  9,00 – 10,00 Participants’ registration
10,00 – 12,00
  • Welcoming Speech.
    Felix Stroe, President of the Romanian Water Association.
    Peter Köstener, München, Technical Town Hall
  • Water Resources Within The Climate Change Context.
    Gheorghe-Constantin Rusu, Deputy General Director of “Romanian Waters”.
  • Organization Perspectives of Water Sector. Operational Procedures.
    DWA model.
    Ilie Vlaicu, General Director Aquatim SA.
  • Digitalization of the water sector.
    Augustin BOER. BDO Romania.
12,00-13,00          Break

Auditorium Hall – Benchmarking Sector Session

13,00 – 13,45 Water Sector Analysis and Evolution During the Last 6 Years
13,45 – 14,15 Prognosis of Regional Operators’ Financial Performances for the Next 5 Years
14,15 – 15,00 Action Plans For Performance Improvement
15,00 – 15,30 Break
15,30 – 16,00 Strategic Development Directions for the Water and Wastewater Sector. PISSA Project (Benchmarking 3).
16,00 – 16,15 Possible Changes of Benchmarking Methodology and IT Benchmarking Platform.
16,15 – 16,40 Reviewing the Delegation Contract: Approach, Individual Contracts Review,
5 Years Reviewing Methodology etc.
16,40 – 16,55 Pricing Methodology for Regional Operators, after  LIOP
(methodological options, gradual insertion of public patrimony amortization in the tariff, royalty).
16,55 – 17,00 Conclusions

K1 Amphitheater – Water Technology Session

13,00 – 13,20 History of Water Supply in Timișoara.
Cristina Borca – Aquatim SA, Cosmin Cruciat – Rășinari City Hall.
13,20 – 13,40 Water Management – Numerical Simulation Approach.
Cristina Oprea, General Manager of TENSOR.
13,40 – 14,00 Pipelife – Responsible water management using the available water resources.
László Jancsó, Quality Manager, Pipelife Romania.
14,00 – 14,20 Grundfos INTEGRA – Wastewater Pumping Stations. Reference Project and Milestones on Site.
Ovidiu Gheorghe Pani, External Sales Engineer, Grundfos Pumps Romania.
14,20 – 14,40 Mitsubishi Electric – Solution Provider for Water Industry.
Raul Chelba, Country Coordinator Romania OEM, Solution Partners, Distribution.
14,40 – 15,00 Break
15,00 – 15,20 Case Study – Process Maintenance Implementation in DWTP (Drinking Water Treatment Plant) Sânnicolau Mare.
Sorin BORDEA – Datcom și Mihai DELIU – Beespeed.
15,20 – 15,40 Sika – Protection System for the Concrete Affected  by the Sulfuric Acid Produced by Bacteria.
Zeno Günther DAN, Regional Business Development Manager Refurbishment EMEA.
15,40 – 16,00 Analysis of Rainwater Pumps Functioning and Malfunctionig During Operation.
Alin Bosioc, Politehnica University Timisoara.



K1 Amphitheater – Water Management Sector Session

10,00 – 10,30 Six Years of National Benchmarking in Romania.
Sorin Căian, BDO Business Advisory.
10,30 – 11,00 Development of the water sector in Romania using EU grants.
Ionuţ Cătălin Gheran,  General Director – Managing Authority for the Large Infrastructure Operational Program 2014-2020.
11,00 – 11,30 The Advantages of Standardizing Specific Activities in the Water And Wastewater Sector – German Experience.
Johannes Lohaus, General Director of DWA (German Wastewater Association) and General Secretary of EWA (European Water Association).
11,30 – 12,00 Sustainable Concepts Regarding Municipal Water Management, Water Protection and Drinking Water Supply within the Climate Change Context.
Georg Riedl, European Campus Director, Technical University of Deggendorf.


K2 Amphitheater – Academic Sector Session (10,00 – 14,00)

Software for the Energetic Assessment of Hydraulic Generators Operation in Aquatim’s Drinking Water System.
Alin-Adrian Anton
Observations on the Privatization of Water Public Services.
Caius Tudor Luminosu, Mircea Negruț
Added Value and Productivity Determinants in the Water Industry: Panel Data Evidence From the Western Region of Romania.
Claudiu Albulescu, Matei Tămășilă, Mihaela Vartolomei
Efficiency of Investments in Irrigation Systems.
Mihaela Vartolomei
Irrigation Technologies and Agricultural Efficiency. Mihaela Vartolomei
Efficiency of Water Management.
Mihaela Boran
Using the Benchmarking to Support Access to Comparative Information and Best Practice Between Water Suppliers in Romania.
Nemeș Maria
Involving Citizens in an Efficient Collective Action: how and why doing it in the Romanian Public Services? Sabina Potra, Șerban Miclea
Climate Change – One of the 16 Global Challenges.
Cristina Borca, Oana Mărginean, Crina Chirilă
EU Policy in Climate Change Framework.
Mihaela Vartolomei
Accounting and Fiscal Incentives in Agriculture. Sustainability in Climate Change Conditions.
Mihaela Vartolomei
Successful Water Management and Biodiversity Preservation – Is There Currently a Conflict?
Jelka Crnobrnja-Isailović



9th October (UPT)
Workshop – The Role of Biodiversity Preservation in Water Management.
14,00 – 15,00 Jelka Crnobrnja-Isailović, PhD Professor, Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Niš.

11th October (Aquatim Hall)
Workshop –Water Safety and Sanitation Plans

14,00 – 14,20 Water Safety and Sanitation Plans
Monica Isacu, PhD, Aquademica, Timișoara, România.
14,20 – 14,40 Developing skills for active involvement of the schools in the field of Water Safety and Sanitation Planning- presentation of the course accredited by the Ministry of Education
Prof. met. Simona-Elena Duiuleasa, Teaching Staff Resource Center, Timiș, România.
14,40 – 15,00 Water Safety & Sanitation Plans as part of the environmental education in rural schools of Romania
Prof. Artemiza Răducan, Satchinez Middle School, România.